Helping small businesses learn how to develop a successful powerful team for ultimate business growth!

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Helping small businesses learn how to develop a successful powerful team for ultimate business growth!

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Vision Based Business Model Faust Coaching

"Team Alignment Framework"

Oftentimes clients come to me when they can’t seem to get their teams all moving in sync towards the same company goals and vision.  Although their teams are talented, they seem fragmented or even a little dysfunctional

 After two of successfully supporting small business owners to attain their visions, it became apparent that by developing a team alignment strategy you will be able to attain your vision faster!

► Motivation - Knowing how to motivate your team so they are intrinsically motivated.

Empowerment – Knowing how to empower your team so they come to you with solutions rather than problems.

Communication – Knowing how to communicate so you can get exactly what you need when you need it.


I’ll help you discover how to transform your team to anticipate your needs and become a solution-oriented powerhouse that can support your company in a brand-new successful way.


Are you ready for help in developing a dynamic team that supports you?

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3 Simple Strategies to Apply So You Can Motivate and Align Your Team!


Fill in information below to get the 3 strategies that will help you and your team accelerate your company productivity and profitability.

I get it…

You are working harder and harder to grow your business.  Sometimes you feel like you are the only one or one of a few team members that even care about the success of the business. 

Inside you know what got you here won’t get you to the next level, but you don’t know what to do next to get there. 

You see when you don’t have an empowered team to support you it makes everything harder.  You get frustrated and sometimes wonder is it all worth it.

By working together, we will develop your team so that even on the worst days (you know those 1-star days where everything seems to be going wrong and you're questioning it all!) they will be to support you and your vision and still be 100% motivated to keep going and help you get your business to the next level.

Let me explain how…

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Do you want to attract the best talent?

Did you know that 75% of Millennials look for their companies to provide professional development opportunities? This has almost doubled from previous generations

Gallup has found that opportunities to learn and grow are 1 of the 3 top factors in retaining millennials. 

And by 2025 Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce.

3 Ways to Work with me to Realize your Vision Faster


Business Owner Coaching


Ready to stop being pulled in a million different directions and be able to work smarter and not harder? My 1-1 CEO coaching is for you! Click here to find out more


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Team Leadership Coaching


Smart business owners know to invest in their best team members! Find out more about our 1-1 and group leadership coaching programs for team members. Imagine developing a high-performing dream team that supports  you in every possible way.


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Leading Ladies Mastermind


The perfect choice for high-achieving female business owners who want my guidance with mastering the 3 key elements and the container of a supportive small group of like-minded women that you can network and collaborate with.


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Hello I'm Audrey Faust

I am the Growth and Leadership Coach who can help you successfully grow your business to the next level by showing you how to develop your team to best support you and accelerate your company's growth and profitability in the process and be the biggest, baddest business on the planet!

I have over 20 years of experience in helping small businesses grow and prosper to extraordinary levels of income they never thought possible.

This is what LIGHTS ME UP!

Let me ask you…

Are you ready to fully step into and experience your BIGGEST VISION?

Are you ready to create your DREAM TEAM?

Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?

Yes, Audrey - Help me get there!

See what others are saying...

Robert K.


President, Essintial Enterprise Solutions

“Audrey’s high-level view of the business and coaching down to the individual staff levels was a significant benefit to Essintial." 


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Anthony G.



“Recently I wanted to reward a diligent and loyal worker, Sarah, with a new role in management.  I enrolled Sarah in Audrey’s coaching program, and the gains were instantly noticeable. ”

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